Software Downloads

System Platform & Requirements

The Amebis Control System software runs on all Desktop versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Amebis Control System is built on the Microsoft .Net framework and requires at least version 4 of the .Net framework to function. Please verify the .Net framework is installed on your computer.

The .Net framework is available from the Microsoft website:

Installing Amebis Control Software

Installation of the Amebis Control Software is a two stage process. Please install each component in turn:

  1. Amebis Control Software (AmebisControl_v3.1.3.exe)
  2. Amebis Control Basestation Driver (CDM20824_Setup.exe)

Please read our Installation Guide for full details.

  • You must have your Software License Key available when first launching the Amebis Control Software.
  • If you have trouble with communicated with your basestation after installation of Control Software and Driver, please read Section 3 of our Installation Guide. This gives instructions of how to set up communication between your Amebis Basestation and the Amebis Control Software.

Upgrading Amebis Control Software

To upgrade the Amebis Control Software simply uninstall your current version by double-clicking the shortcut in the Amebis Control Programs menu (Start > Programs > Amebis Control), then download and install the latest version above.

  • Note: Your Amebis MySQL database will not be affected by this uninstall. You existing data will be available when you install the latest version of Amebis Control.

Upgrading Amebis Control Software from version prior to v3.0.7

To upgrade to the latest version of Amebis Control from versions prior to v3.0.7, the Amebis Control software and database must be completely removed.

Please contact Amebis for detailed instructions on how to do this.